Hunt For The - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Kelleher, Colm A. Hunt for the skinwalker Institute for Discovery Science, pdf. The author of the controversial bestseller Brain Trust brings his scientific expertise to the chilling true story of unexplained phenomena on Utah's Skinwalker.

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Oct 1, Read Hunt for the Skinwalker PDF Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah Ebook by Colm A. Kelleher deotertuachartpep.mlhed. skinwalker ranch stories, skin walker ranch, skinwalker books, books, navajo yeenaaldlooshii, bray road beast, PDF PREVIEW Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah by Colm A. Kelleher. The purpose of this talk is to present and discuss an important and provocative book, published at the end of , with a bizarre title: Hunt for the Skinwalker (I.

Together with the publication of their book at the beginning of this year, the authors have also written an article in the internet magazine Sub Rosa No 4, March So, what did they find? Within a few months after the beginning of their study, they are confronted with strange, and often frightening incidents.

Like the Gorman family, they observe the same mysterious flying orbs, but fail to record them clearly. They install a lot of surveillance and recording equipment but, every time they are to the point of succeeding, the phenomenon eludes the trap and it looks more and more like a game of cat and mouse.

As they put it in their article of March , it looks like an elusive trickster was "a couple of steps ahead at all times", leaving an " occasional calling card in the form of a brutally ripped up calf carcass, unusual tracks in the snow, tantalizing infrared images, or that could wantonly destroy surveillance equipment while leaving insufficient physical evidence behind that might constitute a smoking gun ".

On August 25, , two members of NIDS, Jim and Mike not their real names are on a night watch, on the edge of a bluff, a hundred feet above the pasture, where some strange events have taken place before.

Around 2: It's a dirty yellow light which expands to form a kind of "tunnel", about four feet in diameter. Suddenly, Mike perceives a dark creature, at least six feet tall, crawling out of it and walking away, whereupon the tunnel begins to shrink, and soon disappears.

However, his companion Jim claims to have only seen the light. And although they have scientific equipment to measure radiation levels and magnetic spikes, they fail to record anything unusual. They have taken pictures, but " the photos were disappointing, showing only a single very faint blurry light in one and nothing on the rest of the roll of film.

One of the main observations of the NIDS team, however, brings us back to a disturbing aspect of the whole story, the cattle mutilations. It is known that, since the end of the sixties, thousands of mutilation cases have been reported in many areas of the United States, Canada and other countries. In recent years, the phenomenon has spread extensively in South America. The state of Utah, and the area of the Uintah basin, where the NIDS ranch is located, have been plagued with many cases of cattle mutilations.

Actually, it has been one of the main areas in the country, and NIDS has investigated a number of cases there, in addition to those at the ranch. At the Gorman ranch, the main event, directely witnessed and studied by NIDS, has been the killing and mutilation, on March 10, , of a young calf, in broad daylight, during a brief absence of the team, gone on the other side of a hill, which lasted less than 45 minutes.

It has been thorougly studied, kept under wraps for a while, but eventually published on the NIDS web site, and it is now exposed in detail in the book. The mutilated calf of March 10, Close-up of ear. The book offers no explanation for these mysterious killings and mutilations.

According to the study, there is a curious coincidence between the areas of extension of the two phenomena. Kelleher speculates that the purpose of these mutilations might be a surveillance of the illness, and also to warn us about it.

One thought comes to mind, though: In February , as the various strange phenomena had "slowed to a mere trickle", a new incident took place: By the way, there are other cases of formation of ice rings, in other places, which may be compared to crop circles as well. What is the meaning of all that? What is the "message"? Ice circle found on the NIDS ranch in In another chapter, discussing possible military involvement, the authors mention, curiously, that " a local psychic who walked the property declared that the circle had been produced by a technology that was located underground " p.

This is the moment to mention another curious aspect of the story. The Gormans said that they often heard sounds of heavy machinery or metal equipment coming from under the earth. And the previous owners had warned them to avoid any digging! In retrospect, it is curious that the book does not give more information about these mysterious previous owners. They seemed to know a lot about the ranch, and might have helped the NIDS study.

By the way, such bizarre sounds have been heard, allegedly, in other places, like the San Luis Valley and the "Four Corners" area. The San Luis Valley, located in the south of Colorado, has been another prominent area for many strange phenomena: This is where the first publicized case of mutilation happened, the one of the little horse Snippy in fact, named Lady in Christopher O'Brien, who has written a book of these events, The Mysterious Valley , reports a testimony of strange noises, loud humming and deep rumbling, heard close to the ground, in the area of the Great Sand Dunes p.

The fact that the NIDS team observed many strange incidents like those reported by the Gorman family gives a high credibility to the whole story. There are also testimonies from neighbours of the ranch.

On the other hand, it would have been also interesting to find the previous owners of the ranch and learn their own story.

Some neighbors who knew them felt that they had somehow learned to accept these phenomena and live with them. We may regret, however, that the book does not give any precise, scientific data collected on the ranch, such as magnetic recordings, or even pictures of the lights balls and orbs. For instance, there are many pictures, stills and videos, of light balls in connection with crop circles.

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So, why not at the NIDS ranch, with all their sophisticated equipment? Perhaps because, according to Tom Gorman, as soon as the NIDS team arrived at the ranch, the phenomena became much more elusive, as if the "intelligence" behind them had become much more cautious.

However, Colm Kelleher admits that they do have recorded material, so the question arises: Are they classified material? During all these years, the NIDS investigation at the ranch remained quite confidential, fueling accusations of secrecy. The book, because of the lack of precise documentation, does not put an end completely to these rumors. It is a matter of public knowledge that NIDS had close links with the military.

This is demonstrated, notably, by the presence of Colonel Alexander in the scientific board, a man with a long career in secret military studies. II - Theories, and speculations: In their book, Colm Kelleher and George Knapp address a lot of ideas and speculations which might explain, according to them, the strange events at the NIDS ranch.

Two main lines are discussed: Colm Kelleher and George Knapp have devoted a significant and interesting part of their book to the question of parallel universes and "other dimensions". They refer to several scientific theories which have been developed over many years about the existence of one, or several, so called "parallel" universes. Let's recall briefly the main ones, and see how they are viewed in the book.

The best known theory is the one of "traversable wormholes", imagined in by the American physicist Kip Thorne, of Cal Tech, at the request of his friend Carl Sagan, who used it in his famous novel Contact. It is based on Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, and it is a real scientific speculation by a reputable physicist.

In a few words, there may exist a way to go from one part of the universe to another, or from one universe to another, parallel one, through a "hole" made in in the fabric of space-time, dubbed "wormhole", and passing through a "hyperspace", or four dimensional space, such as in these figures taken from the famous book of physicist Michio Kaku Hyperspace:.

Figures of "wormholes" Michio Kaku, Hyperspace. It is a fascinating concept but everyone admits that, at best, we are a very long way from being able to engineer one. It would require, to begin with, a colossal amount of "exotic" or "negative" energy, just to keep it open, and nobody knows how that could be done, although it has become a standard way for space travel in science-fiction movies!

It would also require our universe to be "curved" the curvature of space in Einstein's theory , but all astronomical observations suggest that, apparently, it is flat, actually! Wormhole and curved space Scientific American. In it, Davis boldly describes what such a wormhole could be and seems confident that we may achieve that someday, by tapping into a fantastic source of power, the so-called "zero point energy".

He notes that, "of the more than cases investigated by NIDS, several dozen clearly portend wormhole manifestations", and he includes in the list, unsurprisingly, the phenomena observed at the Utah ranch. Let's mention here that there are other testimonies of similar phenomena, suggesting the opening of "holes", or "gates" to other dimensions.

Here are three exemples, very briefly. Here is a drawing of such an observation, made in California by Linda Porter. Here is another exemple, of a "gate" which opened in the sky, above meditating witnesses. One of them actually travelled briefly in the hole and had a glimpse of an unknown landscape on the other side.

Testimony on the formation of a "hole", and a glimpse of the other side. And here is a third testimony, this one in relation with crop circles in Wiltshire. According to Michael Hesemann, in his book Messages , in the evening of July 9, , several witnesses saw helicopters going after a ball of light, at West Woods.

Another witness, the farmer Terry Butcher, of Alton Barnes, saw a kind of tunnel opening in the clouds, as if something big was passing through it, and then the tunnel disappeared. The next day, a pictogram was discovered near Alton Barnes pp. Eric Davis also mentions an "alternative theory of gravity" proposed by the American physicist Harold Puthoff, known as the "polarizable-vacuum PV representation of general relativity, which treats the vacuum as a polarizable medium".

According to Davis, Puthoff's PV model is "the only alternative theory of gravity which has been successfully applied to explain the physical, anti-physical and physiological characteristics and performances" which have been reported in UFO cases.

These theories are also mentioned in the book of Kelleher and Knapp, but they seem to favour another concept, the so-called "many worlds theory", or "multiverse", which derives from the second pillar of physics, the Quantum physics. Colm Kelleher and George Knapp present that theory, first in their chapter 29 "Other Worlds", and they insist on it in their epilogue. To make it short, let's say that it is probably the strangest theory, and the hardest to swallow, ever conceived in the history of modern physics.

It was first proposed by Hugh Everett and John Wheeler in and it postulates that, according to quantum mechanics, quoting one of the present promoters of the theory, Max Tegmark, in Scientific American May The result, would be that there exist an infinite number of parallel universes, some of which could differ from ours by minute details, like in science-fiction stories such as the TV series Sliders and Stargate!

One of the many questions raised by this fantastic theory is whether it is possible to go from one parallel universe to another. Again, through "wormholes", presumably! In their epilogue, Kelleher and Knapp claim that this theory, which was at first highly controversial, is now approved by a majority of physicists: True enough, Kaku seems to approve it in his book Visions: How Science will revolutionize the 21st Century But, actually, a number of other scientists seem reticent about it, notably the promoters of the famous "superstrings theory", which attemps to reunite the two pilars of physics.

One of them is the young physicist Brian Greene, who has written two brillant books on these theories, The Elegant Universe in , and The Fabric of Cosmos To him, there may be other solutions, more "economical", so to speak, to this paradox of quantum physics. For, instance the theory of the British physicist David Bohm, of "non local physics".

To him, there is no theory favored by a majority of scientists today, and the problem remains unsolved p. In addition to that, there is also a place for parallel worlds in the string theories!

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Ab sofort bei uns! Recommended Skinwalker Books. Salisbury Hardcover - Interdimensional Universe: The Fourth Dimension: A Guided Tour of the Higher Universes. Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation Paperback. A Romance of Many Dimensions.

Future War: Author John Alexander describes all the justifications for non-lethal weapons.Share this Rating Title: Frank B. For more than fifty years, the bizarre events at a remote Utah ranch have ranged from the perplexing to the wholly terrifying.

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