Download this free book excerpt from O'Reilly to learn about the architecture and technical details to put Apache Cassandra to work in your production. Data Design. Hotel App RDBMS Design. Hotel App Cassandra Design. Hotel Application Code. Creating the Database. Data Structures. Apache Cassandra is the perfect choice for building fault-tolerant and scalable databases. Mastering Apache Cassandra 3.x teaches you how.

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Download your free copy of Apache Cassandra High Performance. Free PDF eBook: Learning OpenCV 3 Computer Vision with Python. Free PDF eBook. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sandeep Yarabarla. Sandeep Yarabarla is a professional Learning Apache Cassandra - Second Edition site Edition. Learning Apache Cassandra - Manage Fault Tolerant and Scalable Real-Time Data eBook: Mat Brown: site Store.

Not doing this could mean falling way behind their competitors and losing out on whole new ways to create customer loyalty, power mission-critical cloud applications, and reduce and protect against fraud. This ebook discusses the various ways banks can leverage DataStax Enterprise for their benefit.

New FinTech players are disrupting industry stalwarts by using their data to their advantage and to build powerful, customer-facing cloud applications.

Read this ebook to learn how banks can use the data layer to get ahead of the competition, and how five banking leaders are doing just that using the always-on data management platform by DataStax. Read this to learn why communication was key to his success. In this white paper, Kenzan and DataStax identify some of the key factors to consider when building out infrastructure on AWS, outlining practical steps you can take to optimize performance with DSE on AWS while keeping costs in check.

Robin Systems together with DataStax, provide the complete package for data management, where the data administrators and consumers can just focus on their use cases, while the tedious tasks of deployment, backups, restore, clone, scaling, and performance management are completely automated. This greatly improves IT productivity, and enables them to support and deliver on the promise of agility.

Read this ebook to learn what you need to do make your business complaint and why having a top-class data platform is essential for avoiding major fines. When it comes to database technology, you need to understand what makes an always-on data platform so valuable. Read this ebook to learn the 5 ingredients of an always-on data platform. You want to make each customer interaction a defining moment.

The implementation of the updated Payment Services Directive PSD2 will affect banking institutions of all sizes, opening up financial services and payments markets to new competitors and service providers. As the big data ecosystem continues to expand, new technologies are helping companies benefit from the rich sources of information flowing into their organizations.

The most pressing areas include real-time data processing, analytics, data integration, governance, and security. Download this report for a better understanding of the current landscape, emerging best practices and real-world successes.

Customers demand speed, convenience, and in-context experiences. Managing and optimizing the performance of a widely distributed database that is comprised of many individual servers can be very challenging. The oil industry is awash with data. Most companies struggle just to collect, store and analyze all this information.

Yet the lack of real-time responsiveness limits the benefits of all this data. The competitive advantage for companies operating in the oilfields of the future will depend on their ability to process vast amounts of data on a large scale, and provide real-time actionable intelligence to remote locations that will improve operating efficiency, safety and maintenance.

Download this free white paper and explore how DataStax customers are delivering real-time value at epic scale with their cloud applications. This paper examines the challenges Financial Services Institutions FSIs face when building a market tick data management system, what database requirements the Line of Business LoBs should look into, and how the database can be used to provide high throughput and resilience with low latency.

This short paper describes best practices for running DataStax Enterprise DSE and OpsCenter within Docker environments, and includes trade-offs to be aware of and pitfalls to avoid. This paper is an introduction to the 5 steps of a proven methodology for implementing DataStax Enterprise in a production environment. This paper describes the general search requirements that most web, mobile and IoT applications have, and the common ways enterprises have tried to deploy search systems in the past.

It then describes how NoSQL database systems are fast becoming the standard database platform for these types of applications and why DataStax Enterprise, with its integrated enterprise search capabilities, can make developing powerful search components for an application fast, easy, and cost effective.

By leveraging data collected from operational transactional systems organizations you can achieve fast time-to-insight so that online applications can lead to better business.

6 Best Books to Learn Cassandra

Learn how to transform your traditional business to an Internet Enterprise and understand how all forward-looking companies need to challenge long-held assumptions about how they develop and deliver products and services with an eye toward competitive edge.

This document also provides good guidance for System Architects and System Administrators during the planning stages of development, test and production environments, whether in-house or at a private or public data center. This document provides best practice guidelines for designing, deploying, and managing DataStax Enterprise DSE database clusters. Although each application is different and no one-size-fits-all set of recommendations can be applied to every situation, the information contained in this paper summarizes techniques proven to be effective for several DataStax customers who have deployed DataStax Enterprise in large production environments.

This white paper provides general guidelines on how DataStax Enterprise can help organizations comply with SOX using its robust security features, including access control and auditing capabilities.

This paper, written with a blend of information for the line-of-business manager and the IT professional, discusses the five key rules of great ecommerce and the changes they require in your database infrastructure.

This paper provides a general enterprise implementation strategy for NoSQL by exploring the key reasons why enterprises are turning to NoSQL solutions and providing examples of how modern businesses are using the technology today.

Get a solid grounding in why multiple data center databases are fast becoming the new norm for database operations, along with what characteristics a database must have to run simultaneously across many data centers and the cloud.

This paper surveys the emerging class of applications that require new data-management foundations and the technology implications of those requirements. This paper examines the growing prevalence of big data across nearly every industry and explains why its effective use is critical for firms that want to compete in their chosen market. Cut through the clutter of varying NoSQL solutions and examine essential characteristics successful enterprise deployments share in common.

Learn about Apache Cassandra, the NoSQL database designed for big data applications that require high performance, massive scale and continuous availability. Get an overview of the key characteristics required when moving data-intensive applications to the cloud and how Apache Cassandra stacks up to other database alternatives in that regard.

NoSQL databases have surged in popularity, but what is their real value and how might they be a fit for you? DataStax eBooks and White Papers. Download Now. Penetration Testing. Application Security.

Information Security. Web Penetration Testing. Cloud Security. Malware Analysis.

Reverse Engineering. Graphics Programming. Mobile Game Development. Game Scripting. Game Design. Virtual Reality. Game Artificial Intelligence.

The Top 10 Reasons to Use Cassandra

Game Optimization. Game Strategy. Game Engines. Single Board Computers. Embedded Systems. IoT Development.

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Home Automation. Wearable Tech. Industrial Internet of Things. Nishant Neeraj, Aaron Ploetz, Et al. Build, manage, and configure high-performing, reliable NoSQL database for your applications with Cassandra.

Quick links: Description Table of Contents Reviews Authors. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Read Now Look inside. More Information Learn Write programs more efficiently using Cassandra's features more efficiently Exploit the given infrastructure, improve performance, and tweak the Java Virtual Machine JVM Use CQL3 in your application in order to simplify working with Cassandra Configure Cassandra and fine-tune its parameters depending on your needs Set up a cluster and learn how to scale it Monitor a Cassandra cluster in different ways Use Apache Spark and other big data processing tools About With ever-increasing rates of data creation, the demand for storing data fast and reliably becomes a need.

Features Write programs more efficiently using Cassandra's features with the help of examples Configure Cassandra and fine-tune its parameters depending on your needs Integrate Cassandra database with Apache Spark and build strong data analytics pipeline Page Count Course Length 10 hours 26 minutes ISBN Date Of Publication 31 Oct Table of contents.

Why was Cassandra created? Cassandra's ring architecture Cassandra's write path Cassandra's read path On-disk storage Additional components of Cassandra Summary. Getting started Building a Java application Summary. Authors Nishant Neeraj Nishant Neeraj is an independent software developer with experience in developing and planning out architectures for massively scalable data storage and data processing systems.

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They operate at massive scale—Netflix, Hulu, Instagram, site, Apple, and Spotify all have Cassandra working in interesting ways as part of their offerings. The other way you know Cassandra is up to the challenge is in use case examples. Many organizations use it for applications where data grows in an unbounded way very quickly. These include Twitter clones, a web log analytics data warehouse and telemetry or sensor data. All of the required components for basic operation are built in.

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Since Cassandra also operates in a peer-to-peer fashion, this means that there is no master-slave or sharding setup and that all nodes in the ring are equal. Additionally, there is only one machine type that an administrator needs to worry about. Since it is masterless, there is no single point of failure.

There is also the potential for zero downtime rolling upgrades. This is because Cassandra can support the temporary loss of multiple nodes depending on cluster size with negligible impact to the overall performance of the cluster. The safety net Cassandra offers extends outside of your data center as well. Cassandra allows you to replicate your data to other data centers and keep multiple copies in multiple locations. This helps satisfy many regulatory requirements in addition to being a part of an strong disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Banks and other financial institutions are storing large quantities of financial data in Cassandra. Analytics companies are using Cassandra to store web analytics data. Medical companies are using Cassandra to store sensor data and other time series inputs.

There are also many companies making use of Cassandra for storing internet of things IoT data.Introduction to Cassandra. The public sector is at a crossroads when it comes to data usage. There are also many companies making use of Cassandra for storing internet of things IoT data. Operating Systems.

He has been instrumental in designing and building custom Cassandra integrations, including a web-based SQL interface and data validation frameworks between Oracle and Cassandra. Operating Systems. Sign In Register.

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