In Marriage is Beautiful, Author Kalu Igwe Kalu unveils to you the beauty of marriage. This book is a treasure chest of wisdom you need to put in your arsenal . Making Marriage Beautiful: Lifelong Love, Joy, and Intimacy Start with You [ Dorothy Making Marriage Beautiful and millions of other books are available for. “Making Marriage Beautiful is full of goodness and truth, and is one of the wisest and most comprehensive books on marriage I've ever read.” Karen Swallow.

Marriage Is Beautiful Book

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You do not need to suffer in this life when you are supposed to be progressing successfully from one achievement to another. No matter where you are in this. By Zadie Smith pages; Penguin Books Zadie Smith's very loose retelling of E.M. Forster's Howards End centers on the fraying union. Making Marriage Beautiful book. Read 47 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What makes a marriage beautiful? Honesty? Compatibility?.

When I read something brilliant, it makes me itch to write.

There are three truly great novels about long marriages that I have waited decades to engage with in writing. Which is not to say that I imagine myself at their level, but, as the old saying goes, a cat may look at a king.

I wanted to explore the ways in which memories can shift in light of later events, and the ways in which love can turn to hate and back to love again. It is a template for living together and procreating that has been implanted in us by the Bible, by history, by literature, by custom.

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We still subscribe to the fairytale of it — all those white weddings — and give it tax breaks. It is not sexuality-specific; lesbians and gays subscribe to it as enthusiastically as heterosexuals.

Most of us hunger for monogamy, even as we yearn for its opposite. What does each understand of the other; what do they gain, what do they lose?

What is a long marriage, and how on earth do people do it? In the parts that therapy and Relate cannot reach — in the body and the heart and the imagination, what is this ideal so many of us feel we must live?

How to Make Marriage Beautiful

Surely only fiction can tell. On the topic of communication, Greco reminds us of the profound human need for meaningful connection.

She urges us not to allow technology cell phones, Skype, email, etc. Setting aside distractions opens the way for deepening relational and sexual intimacy.

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More than a few marriage books fall short in their treatment or lack thereof of gender stereotyping, addiction, and abuse. Greco provides a much-needed correction.

Greco unpacks cultural stereotypes and expectations that society and faith communities so often place on men and women. At the same time, she acknowledges that sex-related variables often play into marriage dynamics—for better or for worse. She shares how she and Christopher learned to embrace their unique designs rather than suffering shame for failing to conform to pink or blue expectations.

Rather than downloading into simplistic gender roles, Greco encourages couples to navigate the mysterious waters as different genders and unique people. She urges readers to consider how gender expectations may be harming their marriages. For spouses navigating the thorny ground of addictions, Greco explains the source of disordered attachments and addictions that so often devastate marriages.

Vulnerably, she and Christopher share the ups and downs of their journey to freedom. To those who feel isolated, ashamed, and hopeless, they extend wise encouragement without sugar coating the process.

Change is possible as we lean into the One who lived and died and rose again. No matter how discouraging or hopeless our circumstances, no matter the condition of our relationship, Jesus is with us, ready to make all things new.

Making Marriage Beautiful – A Book Review

Far from giving tidy answers, Greco addresses the tragic issue of intimate partner abuse and violence. She reminds us that safety is tantamount.

Knowing that issues of power and control drive abuse and violence, Greco wisely points victims to professional abuse counselors.Dorothy Greco says: You are the CEO of your life. She also has decades of experience in ministry to married couples, so her understanding is broader and deeper than the view her own marriage would allow. Over time, he brings along bits of furniture and crockery on his horse and cart, and eventually he brings his new wife Amy.

There are three truly great novels about long marriages that I have waited decades to engage with in writing. To instantly get your copy, click on the button below: Order Now Marriage is a Miracle!

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After doing more than twenty years of pastoral care and being married for twenty-five years, it was obvious to me that married couples are hungry for help, hope, and wisdom. The timing is now!

Click here to cancel reply. Today, all around the world, more men and women have made commitments to spend the rest of their lives together with only one person.

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