Rogue Trader: The Soul Reaver - The Dark Eldar are a plague upon the Koronus Expanse. Any who cross the Watermarked PDF. $ The Soul Reaver, the foregoing marks' respective logos, Rogue Trader, and all associated .. THE SOUL REAVER is an adventure in three parts that focuses on . requires a copy of the Rogue TRadeR Core Rulebook for use. The Soul Reaver, the foregoing marks' respective logos, Rogue Trader, and all associated .

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Rogue Trader - The Dark Kin (Soul Reaver Companion).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Rogue Trader - The Navis, , MB. Rogue Trader - The Soul, , MB. Rogue Trader. The Soul Reaver, an adventure in three parts for Rogue Trader, presents a chance for daring Explorers to look deep into the twisted heart of.

Rogue Trader Books.

Ship-Lorn - At one point in the past, your ship was taken from you or destroyed, leaving you stranded in some horrible place. You learned a bit about survival in the process. Dark Voyage - You have personally seen the horrors of the void, seeing things man was not meant to see. High Vendetta - A feud with a rival faction in the past left you scarred as you watched close friends die. You double your efforts to protect your friends against any sleight, no matter how minor.

Rogue Trader Books.

Motivation[ edit ] Finally, what motivates your character to do this? It's not an easy job, and odds are more than likely you will die in some horrible fashion.

This helps shed some light on that. Endurance - You want to endure horrible things, so you can grow stronger. Life was never exciting if it was easy, right? Fortune - If you survive the danger of space, being a rogue trader can be very profitable.

Cold, hard cash is what motivates you to do this. Vengeance - You seek vengeance for some past wrong-doing, and will do whatever it takes to fulfill that old grudge.

Renown - You want to be recognized for doing something very few have been able to do. Pride - You're good. You know you're good, but others need to know it too, so you seek to prove yourself.

Prestige - You want power, the more the better. Careers[ edit ] This is your "job" or "class". What your character is good at and how he fits into the party. Like Dark Heresy progression is very open-ended and one profession can cover multiple roles. Arch-militant - A fighter class and Masters of pointy and shooty implements Astropath - A sanctioned Psyker who can communicate with other psykers through the warp.

Explorator - A member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Excels at understanding strange machines, but can also be a good healer with the right "alternate Career Ranks" subclasses.

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Missionary - Missionaries of the Emperor, can work as both a healer and the party's "face", has bonuses against the horrors beyond. Also hilarious when plagued with the nervous condition of turrets. Navigator Mutants - Individuals who, due to a rare mutation, are capable of bearing the horrors of the warp to chart a proper course throughout space.

Rogue Trader - The eponymous class is essentially a jack of all trades, but excels at giving orders Seneschal - The brains and face for most Rogue Trader houses, this guy knows all the important people, and all the secret info.

Void-master - The pilot class, real good at driving ships. Books[ edit ] The titular core sourcebook contains everything needed to play the game, but a number of supplements are available, including: The Game Master's Kit - A pack of resources a GM may find useful in and out of play, including a GM's screen with rules summaries.

The book included comes with a pretty simple set of rules for creating star systems. Lure of the Expanse - Splat book with three pre-written adventures. Decent stand-alone information on some of the more notable worlds in the Expanse. Into The Storm - Expanded character generation with extra Origin Path options, alternate ranks for careers, rules for playing Ork and Kroot mercenaries, additional psychic powers for the Astropath Transcendent and Navigator, and an expanded selection of equipment and starship components.

Includes a fluff section on Port Wander and the star system it's in at the end including an opportunity to play Space Hulk in Rogue Trader with some cuddly Genestealers.

Edge of the Abyss - Splat book that expands on the Expanse. The Dark Eldar particular revel in flying at a mad pace, slaughtering fleeing prey and their rivals alike, and they can be found mocking the feeble grip of gravity all across the Nexus of Shadows. The bladed towers of this Dark Eldar haven in the Koronus Expanse Webway are haunted by countless gangs of Hellions, feral and vicious Dark Eldar who spurn the authority of the Kabals to ride the bloody draughts that blow between the Bonespires and around the Palace of the Archon.

Their bladed skyboards carry these killers from place to place, where they seek new thrills and new torments.

Though they reject the hierarchy of Dark Eldar society, these anarchic killers still ascribe to its most basic tenets; those swift and savage enough to claim victory prise it from the spattered corpses of their foes. There are others still in the Nexus of Shadows who put a premium on high-velocity murder.

Reaver pilots swirl around the Shadowspine Pits on their shrieking jetbikes, showering the arenas of the Cult of the Withered Blade and their occupants with gore from their own aerial battles.

These heedless riders can guide their artificial mounts with unfathomable precision, severing the limbs or even slitting the arteries of dumbfounded foes who find themselves dismantled and drowning in gouts of their own blood before the pain even sets in. The most talented and depraved of these pilots go on to pilot the terrors known as Razorwing fighters. Named after the swift, voracious avians that sometimes accompany Dark Eldar Beastmasters onto the field of battle, these sleek vessels are move with a deadly grace, spreading pain and terror in their wake.

The pilots of these craft have been known to perform manoeuvres that would tear an Imperial vessel in half, practically dancing between monstrous shells in the tempest from a group of macrobatteries to dart in, delivering crippling strikes and savage boarders alike. Shrouded by fields of utter darkness, these ships come from nowhere and return just as quickly, seeming to blink into existence only long enough to wreak terrible harm upon their victims.

In this way, their vessels have been known to bleed giants to death, slowly shearing apart the defences of even the most formidable voidships before leaving their crippled husks to die from a death of ten thousand cuts. Though only the most audacious of Rogue Traders openly employ xenos, let alone the callous and treacherous Eldar, those who do find themselves in command of Dark Eldar mercenaries quickly learn to value the swift wits and swifter reflexes of their sinister subordinates.

On the surface of alien worlds, in strange skies, and even in the deep void, the Dark Eldar practice their killing art with equal grace. And so long as a Rogue Trader can pay the great and terrible toll the Dark Eldar demand and direct their fickle attentions elsewhere, he finds their thirsty blades at his sideand not in his back.

This could have been amidst the Hellion gangs who haunt the spires of Dark Eldar settlements, the Reaver jebike riders whose deadly chases swirl around the arenas, or even the elite pilots who guide the deadly Dark Eldar transports across the battlefield or their eldritch voidships through the Webway on their way to raid vulnerable worlds.

Passing Slash Talent Prerequisites: WS 35, Pilot Any One This warrior has studied the high-speed kill through exhaustive personal experience, and slows for nothingleast of all his hapless foes! Arterial Strike Talent Prerequisites: WS 40, Passing Slash There is more to slaying the lesser creatures than raw velocity and power, and this character has mastered not just the brute technique but the delicate art of killing this way. You have to find it yourself.

You have to tear it out, bloody and thrashing. And once you doonce its in your gripyou can start to create something truly worthwhile. Haemonculus Anasta Skaein he Dark Eldar see the art of manipulating as they see everything else; it is a thing to be mastered utterly, so that it can be used in the most depraved ways imaginable to assuage the Prince of Excess eternal gnawing at their haggard and worn souls.

The body is ultimately disposable to the Dark Eldarthe Haemonculi in their shadowy pits long-ago conquered death. But nothing in their power can overcome the grip of Slaanesh upon their immortal essence. Nor is it the pain of the body that they crave in others, for such corporeal torment is shallow and unsatisfying.

Nothing less than wracking the very soul of another brings the Dark Eldar a modicum of relief. Still, the soul is most easily reached through the body, and so the Dark Eldar have turned aeons of knowledge, from before the Fall of the Eldar and beyond it, towards their deplorable studies.

Their knowledge of anatomy is unparalleled, and with a blow they can break bones, rend organs, and tear muscle in a perfect pattern that leads to the slowest, most agonising possible death. Who can say for certain what pit these creatures emerged from, what part of the Dark Eldar mind gave birth to such horror? What is certain is that they are here to stay, and that the flames of their mad desire can never be quenched, no matter how deep they wade into seas of blood, ichor, and bile.

Even the fleshcrafted horrors that this wretched and wracked terror has inflicted on itself, however, do not truly give form to the abomination of a soul that resides within, and so it ever seeks to create new and more monstrous things. The Explorer gains the Natural Armour 2 Trait, the Toxic Trait, becomes immune to the effects of diseases, poisons, toxic effects, and gains no benefit from combat drugs of any sort.

Rogue Trader - The Soul Reaver

Additionally, the Explorer gains one additional Vile Pleasure see page 99 of The Soul Reaver of his choice he can still only gain a single Pain Token per Action or non-Action event, except as dictated by individual Vile Pleasures. Tormentors Inspiration Talent Prerequisites: Power Through Pain, Surgical Precision Madness has entirely consumed this Dark Eldars mind, and of this insanity comes a brilliance unparalleled in its acuity and depravity.

Once during an encounter in which he has gained three or more Pain Tokens, the Explorer may spend a Fate Point. If he does, he gains the Unnatural Intelligence x2 Trait until the end of the encounter.

A foolish question. Over centuries of battle, I have flensed away all but conflict itself. I fight because war is all that I am. Incubus Valstran Doomblade ncubi are warriors first, last, and only, killers who dedicate themselves to this side of violence so thoroughly that they eschew the intrigues and politics of their dark brethren.

Under the Hierarchs who rule the temples at which they train, Incubi lead lives of brutal asceticism, denying themselves all else as they sharpen their skills and their discipline.

It is said that alone amongst the Dark Eldar, the Incubi can be trusted to keep their word to the end, so bound are they by their unrelenting code.

Though an outsider might mistake the utter devotion of the Incubi for piety or a moral centre, these cold-hearted killers spurn such things as much as any of their kind. Their honour is heartless, and they feel no compassion nor respect for the foes they butcher so skillfully in their endless quest for perfection. They, as much as any scheming Archon or depraved Haemonculus, are truly Dark Eldar, and the blood of those who have forgotten this fact flows freely across the pages of history.

To become an Incubus, a Dark Eldar must walk a razor path that few survive, overcoming terrible trials. He must claim his own life time and time again, slaughtering other trainees before the iron statues of Khaine, the Eldar god of war, that adorn each of obsidian shrine. After slashing through the countless ranks of aspirants, an Incubus must win his place in the temple by taking the life of a senior warrior, a full Incubus, whose armour he can claim in savage battle.

Even this accomplishment merely marks a new stage of training. After besting a more experienced Incubus, the aspirant must seek out an equally deadly foe: an Aspect Warrior of the Craftworld Eldar. After hunting this foe, using every trick that he has mastered, the Incubus must vanquish his target utterly, defeating him in a duel and smashing his soulstone, that he may take the shattered spirit of his foe and defile the gem that contains it into a deadly psychic weapon.

Once equipped with a so-called tormentor as proof of mastery, an Incubus is finally considered complete, and joins the ranks of the veteran killers of the order. Incubi traditionally wield great two-handed swords called klaives, which they see as the pinnacle of weaponry. Only the greatest among them, warriors who bear the rank of Klaivex, wield the deadly weapons known as demiklaives, paired versions of the klaive that can be joined together into a massive and devastating greatsword.WP 35 Other Requirements: High Vendetta - A feud with a rival faction in the past left you scarred as you watched close friends die.

Then you choose an origin path and career, spend XP and go on your way. All of these employ the same kinds of equipment, talents and traits that player characters can enjoy, making them a match for any who might cross their path.

The pits are perched above the vast.

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