blasphemous, distortion of historical records and not of the caliber of a serious student of Religion. The TERRA PAPERS, the story of Bek'Ti, nearly got me. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FREE >>> The Terra Papers (pdf) - Robert "Morning Sky" I do not claim ownership of The Terra Papers. I recommend. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FREE >>> The Terra Papers (pdf) – Robert “Morning Sky ” I do not claim ownership of The Terra Papers. I recommend downloading them!.

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I entitled it Terra: A Hidden History of Planet Earth. "What I am to show with all the information included in Terra Papers I and II, the Terra Documents, . Papers: Pegasus files. The Terra Papers 1 and 2 PDF (12 megs) · The Terra Papers 1. The Terra Papers HOAX! For anyone who believes this lie yes it was made up by Robert Morning Sky. This is one of the men who started the. Robert Morning Sky – The Terra papers (presentatie + boeken) AnnunakiEnkiEnlilgeschiedenisOrionreptiel achtigenRobert.

So he makes arrangements to bring them here. They are the first human slaves, primarily black people, btw. Enki did not create them.

Robert Morning Sky: The Terra Papers | This is How the Annunaki Took Control Over Mankind

Rather he brought them here as slave labor. This will start to make sense as you ponder the history of this planet.

These old stories show signs of deification of inanimate objects as they represented something inexplicable to the humans and hybrids that weren't told how they functioned.

So Enki Ra , who also came back here through a mammoth "gate" on the floor of the Persian Gulf, tells the good news of how he's found the solution to their problems. Hopi culture and religion as a whole is multifaceted, but there are also variations from village to village, and much of the Hopi ceremonial cycle is secret even among the Hopi.

Specific clans and societies are responsible for different aspects of the ceremonial cycle, which in its entirety, make a complimentary whole. No one person can possibly speak for all Hopi people. Some who profess to do so do NOT practice the beliefs of Hopi religion or participate in its priesthoods. Emphases were added. Degenhart herself sells "shamanic services.


I have nothing to offer you in the way of credibility. I am a nobody. Among other things, Morning Sky It was a term that he invented in the early 's that has since been pirated by researchers who falsely claimed to have spent time with Hopi Elders learning the secrets of the Blue Star Kachina a kachina that Morning Sky says doesn't exist , and channelers, psychics and clairvoyants who claim to have received Blue Star revelations from their spiritual sources.

Complain to the sponsors or organizers if he is included. UFO believers often complain the rest of the public will not take them seriously.

People like Morning Sky are one of the reasons! Also report what he does to the Hopi Nation. Sorry to bust that bubble, No such Blue Star prophecy exists in reality. It is an actual Katsina that appears amongst the or so Katsinam at Hopi, but has been endowed with an almost mythical element of prophetic visions by non-Hopis.

These prophecies are widespread, and the only person who has admitted to believing them was a guy in Sedona, no surprise there then. I haven't been able to trace the first mention of this Katsina in prophetic circles, but some say it might have started with Frank Waters' "Book of the Hopi" - which is a problematic book in and of itself.

The whole stuff stems from Jose Arguilles I think, and was incorporated by certain inventors of Hopi tradition in the early '90's. The Mayan calendar is not generally followed by Hopi society leaders, as far as I know, they tend to prefer their own! Hopi prophecy is a complex area of investigation, and if you are interested, I recommend Armin Geertz's "The Invention of Prophecy", as well as much of Richard Clemmer's work for an insight into the social and political background to the 'Traditionalist' rhetoric that spawned the outside interest in this stuff.

This is one of the men who started the new age bullshit.

They are all really wealthy men, and they have made millions off lying to people, and brain washing them with lies. This is the sad reality of ufology. No matter what these men say it's all lies sprinkled with some common knowledge that has a nugget of truth to it so that it helps cause confusion in us. Because if we know this small nugget of info he's telling us in this grand tale then the whole thing must be true right?

Robert Morning Sky – The Terra papers (presentatie + boeken)

Wrong that's how a magician does it.. Called misdirection. These guys are hoaxers, con artists, and most of all magicians playing a trick on the world.

Read this email below debunking the Terra Papers hoax. Here is a video of Robert Morning Sky telling his bullshit in a lecture where he's paid money to tell his lie.

That's why these people make up these wild bullshit stories.

Terra Papers - I was there

They do it to make the rounds at these conventions, and they make a shit load of money off it. That is a bullshit lie. They all make a ton of money. Everyone of these liars are rich off people who believe their lies, and download their books, and attend their lectures. Dawn, our friends in Europe, or anyone else who cares to, feel free to pass this along.

Morning Sky claims Hopi beliefs and prophecies support his belief in a vast cosmic conspiracy of lizard-like aliens who control mankind's destiny.

He claims a vast government conspiracy is out to get him, and portrays himself as a brave soul carrying an important message persecuted by dark forces who drove him out of academia.

In fact, Morning Sky's ludicrous and goofy beliefs do not have the slightest proof. Morning Sky has a long history of lying and working with numerous other charlatans and spiritual exploiters. Even his very identity is open to question.The Inquisition , the Papal Wars, the numerous "Messiahs" and the "Miracle Sightings" were engineered by them to bring mankind back into their influence.

The author asks the reader to investigate for himself the information presented here. All part of the illusion?

The terra papers: parts 1 and 2, ufoGood morning all, im sure most of you have heard of or read the terra papers by robert morningsky. You are commenting using your Google account. It really does. The Hopi are a small, closely knit tribe and would know either Robert Morning Sky or his grandfather. Anonymous November 3, at 5:

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